blitsy-85733788Hey, guys! You may or may not have heard me talk about the awesome craft site called Blitsy in some of my posts and videos. I’ve gotten a lot of crafting supplies from this site for deeply discounted prices, and I wanted to share with you exactly how the site works.

When you become a member of, (yes, it’s free!) you will begin receiving emails every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday when their sales begin. Each sale lasts a total of 7 days, or until the items are sold out. Each sale features numerous different craft supplies from different categories of crafting such as paper crafts, embossing, tools, etc.

Another awesome thing that blitsy does is allow you to earn money that can be used on the website when you invite others to use their site! Each time a member is referred and makes their first order, you will receive $10 in credit for

If you’re an avid crafter, or know someone who is, blitsy is the site to try! Their sales are amazing and features prices that you simply can’t find in stores. Head on over to and start shopping!


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